Where can i find examples of tile designs specific to london?

Rated 5.0 (6) Our impressive collection of tile designs features a wide range of Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian styles and unique modern geometric schemes. The humble ceramic tile is something we take for granted when we stroll through London. It is on the facades of buildings, in metro stations and in public toilets. Small squares and rectangles in neat rows, so common that we hardly notice them when we run from one side of the city to the other.

But what we probably don't realize is that tile is as old as London itself. Roman tegulas, or tiles, are some of the clearest evidence we have of the design of Roman Londinio (between 50 and 4 AD) Elaborately patterned tiles were used on the floors of high-status medieval buildings, such as priories, and in the Tudor period (1485—160), hand-painted tin-glazed tiles were imported from the city of Delft, in the Netherlands. They were used to line fireplaces and fireplaces, and their cheerful blue and white designs must have been an attractive sight in the flicker of firelight. By Tara King Published on September 8th and 23rd By Lola Houlton Posted on September 8th, Concept Surfaces is an exclusive supplier of high-quality materials for hard surfaces.

For more than a decade, they have offered designers and architects an unparalleled selection of porcelain stoneware, glass mosaics and hardwoods. Although they are usually reserved for the most functional rooms in the house, tiles also have a place in living room ideas. Over time, design standards worsened so much that the famous Johnston typeface, made to measure by London Transport, was frequently abandoned in posters and advertising, in favor of a mix of other typefaces, apparently chosen at random and giving the impression that no one cared about the image that London Transport presented to the world. Once you've found your perfect design, it's important to know how to tile a floor or wall.

The tile becomes a time capsule, something durable and solid that connects us to Londoners a century ago. Leslie Green's designs have paved the way, more than a century later, for some of the best and most innovative potters in London to install tiles. It's not enough, but in the design desert of the Victoria line, they are oases of interest and that's the only thing I thank DRU of the Victoria line. Characterized by their beautiful rustic finish, these Ercu zellige tiles, by Otto Tiles, are chiseled by hand, dried and baked before applying a glazed glaze by hand.

In this bathroom, the metropolitan tiles have been grouted with bright blue grout to give a touch of color to an otherwise neutral space. In this beautiful marble fireplace, traditional Victorian-style decorative tile panels have been combined with a more modern design in the fireplace. With this in mind, mosaics are excellent, because the more grout lines they have, the more grip,” explains Grazzie Wilson, creative director of Ca' Pietra. From Roman Londinium and 18th century coffee shops to modern tube stations, London has been home to a vibrant and varied ceramics industry for centuries.

The tiler cuts the outer edge tiles to size on site to take into account tolerances when placing the design. However, as seen in this house, tile can be a beautiful feature of this often overlooked area. The monumental Wrapper (201), by Jacqueline Poncelet, covers part of the Edgware Road station, with a series of tile murals that reflect the history of the area, while the handmade tiles made by Matthew Raw for the Seven Sisters station (201) operate on a more intimate scale.