Designing a Modern London Home with the Best Tiles

When it comes to designing a modern London home, wood-effect tiles are a great option. They come in various shapes, sizes and 26 finishes, so you can create the perfect look for your home. From rustic to modern designs, there's something to suit any decorating style. The Univo tile line contains some great options for this style, such as Reen, Clary and Zumm.

To ensure that luxury tiles last for many years, proper maintenance and care is essential. Otto Tiles gives this typically rustic product a contemporary touch with a series of geometric patterns. Studio DB also provides an example of how to make a freestanding bathtub or any other striking piece stand out with its own tiled backdrop. The bathroom at London-based 2LG Studio is a great example of this, with its mint green wall tiles, freestanding sinks, matte finishes, terrazzo vanity and fork-shaped structure. Gold is a key element in mid-century modern design, and porcelain tiles are much more resistant to cracking and can last longer in humid climates.

This makes them a better tile for use in the bathroom or outdoors. Forward-thinking brands offer decorative designs beyond simple Metro and Kit-Kat tiles. Their popularity has been increasing in recent years and they offer owners of 26% of commercial premises unlimited design possibilities and impressive durability. If you want to get creative with your modern home design, you can paint your floors in the form of tiles with bold colors, as Gary McBournie did in this kitchen. With the best tiles for modern homes, you can design rooms that reflect this style trend in fresh and creative ways.

Neutral clay-colored tiles enhance the organic feel of this bathroom by Nicole Dohmen from Atelier ND Interior. Hand-poured encaustic tiles are prized for their durability and their matte powder finish, usually have sharp geometric patterns. However, the “Lovely” collection by 2LG Studio for Maitland & Poate breaks new ground with its fluid and expressive designs. For best results, deeply clean porcelain tiles every three months with an approved cleaner specific to the type of tile being cleaned. Choose tiles that contrast with your hardware, and the details (you've worked so hard for) of your mid-century modern tiled space will never go unnoticed.

Designer porcelain stoneware offers many advantages, from its elegant finishes and colors to its durability and easy maintenance.