The Most Popular Tile Shapes in London: A Comprehensive Guide

Cornwall, Stevenson and the classic checkerboard pattern are some of the most popular and versatile tile designs in London. The classic black and white checkerboard design is a timeless classic that adds a touch of elegance to any outdoor space. Walker Zanger Studio offers a wide selection of ceramic, glass, natural stone and porcelain tiles that can be used to create unique designs. New Ravenna tiles are handmade in Virginia and feature vintage-style designs that can be used as splash protectors or shower tiles.

When it comes to choosing the right tile pattern for your home, there are thousands of possibilities. In the pink bathroom, the lighting is from Nuura, the sinks are from Bathco, the tiles are made to measure and the mirrors have been designed by Noé Prades Studio. To recreate the baths of ancient Rome in a modern way, don't miss the Palatium of New Ravenna, made up of hand-carved stone mosaics. To create a fun environment that feels delightfully aged, select tiles with a fun design and a weathered finish. If you're looking for an alternative to tiling, you can also paint your floors in the form of tiles with bold colors.

Gary McBournie did this in his kitchen, mixing seemingly unrelated artistic tile designs into something extraordinary. Mary Patton also used black Clé tiles on three-quarters of the bathroom wall in her building. Here are some bathroom tile ideas that could help kick off a complete cinematic makeover. From white floor tiles combined with colorful grout to richly patterned tiles in unexpected configurations.

Underfoot, “synthetic marble” porcelain tiles can be installed to adorn square tiles that would otherwise be simple square tiles.